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About Us

Excellence and Precision  

There are many advantages in waterjet technologies:

  • We can acheive a more accurate cut than plasma machines. This negates the need for secondary machining in many applications.

  • Cleaner cut than other processes, little or no burn on edge makes cleanup quicker and easier.

  • Cut edge is more square than plasma cut.

  • Ability to cut many different materials such as metals, stone, plastics, glass, ceramics etc.

  • Smaller kerf than plasma, intricate and detailed cutting achievable, ability to nest parts closer to better utilize material.

  • No heat affected zone that occurs with plasma or oxy-fuel.

  • Ability to cut thicker materials than other processes.

  • Very little setup time needed for most jobs.

Experts in Waterjet Technologies

We use high pressure water (60,000 psi) mixed with crushed garnet abrasive to cut almost any type of material. This mixture is forced through a small nozzle to produce a high speed stream creating cleaner and precise cut.


The level of detail achievable with waterjet cutting is suited to applications such as signs, artwork and complex machine parts. Secondary machining or finishing operations can often be eliminated resulting in lower costs.

Friendly and Local

Omnicut Waterjet Technologies is a local family owned business with great experience and a friendly staff.


Omnicut Waterjet has over 40 years of experience in the machine shop business. Let our friendly waterjet experts answer your questions. We are proud to be a Colorado grown business. 

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