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We provide waterjet cutting of almost any type of material including metal, stone. plastic, glass etc. Projects can be anything from small single parts to production runs. We serve many different clients including artists, fabrication shops, sign companies, construction companies and large manufacturers.


Artwork for projects can be accepted in several ways. Ultimately we convert all artwork into a CAD format so a CAD file such as Autocad or a dxf file from other CAD programs is preferred. However, we can use graphics files such as Illustrator or Corel. We can also trace and generate artwork from image files, sketches or templates. The artwork does not need to be full size, we can scale it up or down as necessary.

Waterjet Cutting

Need a part cut with the precision and versatility of the waterjet? Let Omnicut Waterjet's 40 years of experience manage the cutting for your project. Get a quote today.

CAD Artwork

Provide your own CAD file. Don't have one? Provide a detailed sketch or drawing. We can help create the necessary file to complete your project.


Provide your own material or have Omnicut Waterjet assist you in finding the proper material for your project. We have established relationships with local and national vendors to provide the most common to the most exotic materials.

 Waterjet Friendly Materials

Stainless Steel  // Carbon Steel // Bronze // Brass // Copper // Aluminum // Titanium //

Inconel // Hastelloy // Armour Plating // Plastics // Glass // Rubber // Composite // Exotic Alloy //

Ceramic Tile // Marble // Slate // Concrete // Granite // Quartz // Wood // Stone

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